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Posted by Ocelotlikespie - June 30th, 2012

Go watch it here on Youtube!

Foxy Kunoichi Kunimitsu Speed Coloring


Posted by Ocelotlikespie - December 20th, 2011

A drawing I made apparently has such a monstrous size it doesn't fit in Newgrounds' art portal. In case anybody's interested, here's the link. I spent some time working with this drawing, and it reflects quite nicely Kagekiyo's (my alias) personality.


Posted by Ocelotlikespie - July 23rd, 2010

This thing is going to be a slightly interactive, slightly animated manga project which its development will start in a week or so.

Project Guggenheim will use a lot of video game and anime characters, and also Original Soundtracks. I'll credit every single thingy in the credits section, even though the project is not commercial (good thing it's not).

Now, first things first: Storyline. A friend of mine is going to help me build it. I've already got the main idea planned though.
Then, while I learn Japanese, I'll be practicing my drawings so they don't turn out poopy. I want the thing to look like real manga.
Finally, I'll learn Flash and use it to animate the small comic strips.

This project is going to take a few years to get off ground and onto Youtube (not Newgrounds, because of the file size I'm predicting), but one thing's for sure: It will be made.

I can tell you now the names of the main characters:

- Kagekiyo
- Kagehiko (this guy will have 2 names, actually. The 2nd is not yet decided)
- Gunki
- Patakashu

These people are Portuguese, but they have Japanese names (most of them). Why, you ask.

Kagekiyo demands that his name is Kagekiyo, so people treat him like that (Check this Isabel Alçada, a Portuguese writer. This is not her real name, yet she signs her things with it).
Kagehiko wants to fit in Japan.
Gunki derives from Gunthi which is the name that another name derives from. Get it? Good.
Patakashu is an adaption from the Portuguese nickname Patacas.

Leave your thoughts and comments if you feel like doing so.

Project Guggenheim

Posted by Ocelotlikespie - January 25th, 2010

And I'm being taught by a guy that goes by the name of NAMA-SENSEI. He's got great videos on Youtube, so watch them if you want help in this language. But be warned, he swears a lot (he gets the thing done, though, and keeps it simple, yes, seriously). So go watch that. And don't forget to get your freelang dictionary too. It helps a God damn lot.
That said, I might start making flash stuff, or I might not. Probably not, no.

*edit* Now I'm being taught by an actual teacher. Well, Nama sensei IS in fact one, but I mean not through videos.
I'm going to start writing a story with a pal of mine for a manga, even though I draw like...kuso.

Why the hell do I even write in here?

Imma learning Japanese (for real now)

Posted by Ocelotlikespie - October 19th, 2009


Posted by Ocelotlikespie - October 13th, 2009

With Tekken 6 coming out and all, who do you think I should main? And why? You can choose between:
1 - Jin Kazama;
2 - Yoshimitsu;
3 - Lars Alexandersson;
4 - Sergei (Sir Gay) Dragunov;
5 - Raven;
6 - Marshall Law

I wanna hear y'all's opinions.


Posted by Ocelotlikespie - October 3rd, 2009

About two months ago, and I still don't have a place to play Street Fighter 4. I had just gotten back from a one week vacation in Algarve, Portugal. I started playing, and when I beated someone online, with Ken, it just went sonic boom. Actually, visual boom. The sound remained intact, but the image vanished. So this is the explanation to why I've been bothering everyone at Newgrounds recently. Just letting anyone who passes by know.

My TV exploded

Posted by Ocelotlikespie - April 7th, 2009

O o
| BLAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, that was dumb.